Your Home Inspection Questions Answered

Common Home Inspection Questions

What is a home inspection

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection helps you to learn about the home you’re buying, gives you confidence to address potential concerns, and delivers peace of mind about your new investment.

A home inspection is an objective review of the visible and readily accessible condition of a property at the time of the inspection, with a focus on critical systems: Exterior, Roof, Structure, Insulation and Ventilation, Interior, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fuel Services, Appliances and Environmental Systems. If we identify issues, we provide you with specific recommendations and next steps.

Why should I have a Home Inspection?

The purchase of a home is one of, if not the largest single investment you will make. 

You should learn as much as you can about the condition of the property and if any repairs are needed before you purchase it and minimize any surprises. Of course the inspection also points out the positive aspects of the home and maintenance that will be necessary to keep it in good shape. After the inspection you will have a much better understanding of the property you are about to purchase.

Is it possible for the home to fail an inspection?

No. A professional home inspection is an examination of the current condition of the home. It is not an appraisal, which determines market value, or a municipal inspection, which verifies local code compliance. A home inspector, therefore, will not pass or fail a home, but rather describe the condition and indicate what may need repair or replacement.

What if the report reveals problems?

No house is perfect. If the inspector identifies problems, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy the home, only that you will know in advance what to expect. This is where you rely on the experience and expertise of your realtor. They may suggest an adjustment to the price or terms and/or correction of certain issues found during the inspection.

How long does the Home Inspection last?

If the home proves to be in good condition, did I really need an inspection?

Definitely! Now you can have peace of mind in completing your home purchase, knowing the condition of the property and all its equipment and systems. You may have also learned a few things from the inspection and will want that for future reference. 

Should I be present for the Home Inspection?

It's not necessary however, we’d like you to be on site for at least the last half hour. You’re welcome to attend the entire inspection. Our inspector will show you how various systems operate and how to properly maintain them. You’ll also have a better understanding of the contents of the report if you are able to see it from our inspector’s perspective.

How long does the Home Inspection last?

A typical inspection can take anywhere from two to four hours for a single family home. Townhomes and condos take less time. On-site time depends on the size and age of the house; larger, older and more complex houses take more time.

How is our inspection report delivered?

Via e-mail. Our inspector reviews and discusses inspection results on site with you and then delivers our inspection report digitally..

Why do we use infrared thermal imaging during our home inspections?

Why do we use infrared thermal imaging?

Because the human eye can’t assess temperature differences.

We deploy high-quality digital infrared cameras to identify water leaks, electrical problem and energy loss issues. Infrared helps inspectors to identify water-related issues (plumbing leaks, roof leaks, exterior water intrusion), electrical issues (overloaded circuits), and energy loss issues (insulation).

Should the utilities be on?

Yes. If utilities aren’t on, the inspection will be limited.  We can still inspect the house and then return later when the utilities are turned on.

Do inspectors walk the roof?

It depends. In many cases, our inspector walks the roof but it depends on safety concerns, weather, accessibility, type & condition of roofing material, and roof pitch. Our inspectors have ladders and binoculars and can visually inspect the roof from the eaves or ground.

Do we always inspect the heating and air-conditioning systems?

Yes, whenever possible. Heating and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) cannot be fully inspected under certain circumstances, e.g., if utilities aren’t turned on. Additionally, certain system defects may create a hazardous condition or damage the appliance. To prevent damage to a compressor-based system, we only test heat with a heat pump if the outside temperature is <65F. Likewise, we we only test air-conditioning if the outside temperature is >65F.


Does Our home inspection report include photos?

Is a home inspection a code inspection?

No. Our inspection is an introduction to the house and is focused on informing and educating the client about the property. A code inspection is conducted from the perspective of the local municipality and focuses on compliance with local and state codes. Our inspector usually is aware of local codes but the scope of a home inspection is targeted more at providing an informative, detailed and objective evaluation of the house.

Can I see the inspection agreement before you do the home inspection?

Yes, we email the inspection agreement to our clients at the time we book the inspection, and we ask our clients to fill out the inspection agreement online ahead of time. 

Why don’t you provide your inspection reports on-site?

It takes us a long time to type up our reports. We don’t produce generic check-box reports with three ring binders; we actually sit down at the computer and take the time to write out our reports in plain English. We’ll often spend more time writing the report than we do inspecting the house. We provide a lot of detail in our reports, and we try to write them for you the same way we would for a friend or family member. After you read one of our inspection reports, we think you’ll understand why we don’t produce the reports on site. 

Does Our home inspection report include photos?

Yes. Our digital inspection report includes high-resolution color photos.

When will I receive the home inspection report?

We’ll email a link to the inspection report either later the same day or very early the next morning. 

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