Infrared Technology Takes Home Inspections to the Next Level

Looking Beyond With Infrared

You see this.

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Other inspectors see the same.

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This is what we see.

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FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging

We use FLIR Thermal Imaging Equipment Exclusively in our home inspections

Thermal Imaging - Included Free With Your Home Inspection From HomeScan

Thermal Imaging reveals hidden information that's visually inaccessible to the human eye. Without thermal imaging, a defect could be completely missed. To the contrary, in the hands of the wrong inspector, a thermal imaging scan can lead to defects in a report that don't actually exist. 

While anyone can use a thermal imaging cam, not just anyone can interpret a thermal image. Effective interpretation requires education in thermography and an understanding of the building science behind the systems of your home.

As an Infrared Certified company, HomeScan is accredited in Infrared Thermal Imaging & Applied Building Science. We take pride in implementing this technology in every home inspection we perform. Contact us today to find out how infrared thermal imaging can benefit you in your next home purchase. 

 More info on Infrared Home Inspections from the US Department of Energy

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