Infrared Technology Takes Home Inspections to the Next Level

Looking Beyond With Infrared

You see this.

Home Inspection Before Photo

Typical French Door.  Opens, closes, locks & hinges in working order.  All is well, right? 

Other inspectors see the same.

Home Inspector Before Photo

Typical French Door.  Opens, closes, locks & hinges in working order.  All is well, right?

This is what we see.

Thermal Image Home Inspection After Photo

Wrong. Infrared helped us find this leak above the French door. This was a freshly painted “flip” house that looked immaculate inside and out. 

Infrared Home Inspections

We use FLIR Thermal Imaging Equipment Exclusively in our home inspections

Thermal Imagaing Included Free With Your Home Inspection From Home Scan

Thermal Imaging reveals hidden information that's visually inaccessible to the human eye.

While anyone can use a thermal imaging cam, not just anyone can interpret a thermal image.  

Without thermal imaging, a defect could be completely missed. To the contrary, in the hands of the wrong inspector, a thermal imaging scan can lead to defects in a report that don't actually exist.


Effective interpretation of a thermal image requires education in thermography and an understanding of the building science behind not only the component being observed, but its relationship with all building components within the home. In addition, Inspectors must consider the internal and external environmental conditions at the time the scan is performed.  The final step before making recommendations, is confirming your findings with other equipment appropriate for the area observed. 

Ex. Look at the photo to the left, is this a defective circuit breaker that's overheating?    

No. However in terms of colors, the image itself is nearly identical to that of an over heating breaker which could lead to a fire.  A look at the temp range on the right shows us an acceptable variation in temperature for the breaker under load.  

A Home Scan Infrared Certified Inspector can spot the difference, can you?


More info on Infrared Home Inspections from the US Department of Energy

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